Construction machinery sector in the eyes of large projects

The construction machinery sector in the eyes of the big projects: Sector; The third airport, the third bridge and highways, aims to revive with the Kanal Istanbul Project and urban transformations
Turkey Construction Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association (IMD) President Tamer Khalil Öztoyg is, the construction machinery industry of Turkey's vision projects 3. airport, 3. Bridge and highways, the Channel Istanbul Project and urban transformation will be activated, he said. "2014 trade volume of the construction machinery industry in the year 6.2 billion dollars, which indicates that the Oztoygar," Vision projects and urban transformation is carried out as desired, the 2023 business sector of trade volume of $ 30 billion dollars are expected to reach, "he said.
In line with the 2023 vision of the construction machinery industry, 10 stated that the annual sales volume of 20 thousand business and construction machinery was targeted by 2023 exports, and that the large projects in the 6 vision would stimulate the construction machinery sector. . With this sales figure, we will be among the first 3 in the world and the first 3 market in Europe. Already 300. The 100 heavy duty machine, except the trucks for the airport, arrived. This is a 120-XNUMX million-dollar machine park, Bu he said.
1 contraction in exports
In the 2014 year of the construction machinery sector, Öztoygar evaluated the 30 year, although 3 is expected to shrink 13 for the sector. said that the rate of 2014 was realized with the effect of airport construction. . 2014 has been a bumpy year for the industry, Öz said Öztoygar. The fluctuation and growth target factors in the currency affect the sector. 11 500 machine sales number was reached in 2013 despite the problems in neighboring countries and some economic problems in our country. In 13 this figure was 200 bin 10. 2014 exports were the same year as the 2013 1 billion 421 million dollars. Only 1 shrinkage occurred in our exports. In 2015, we expect an increase in exports between 7-10. X
Öztoyg 130 is about doing exports from Turkey to the country, exports to countries in the year 10 200 targeted to what they said. Öztoygar emphasized that 4 should be invested in the sector in order to realize these export figures.
Expecting movement in urban transformation
Öztoygar pointed out that the first phase of urban transformation has been progressing heavily and said, to We will see the benefit of urban transformation in the construction machinery sector. Current maximum number 15-20 demolition excavators are sold in Turkey. We think that urban transformation will accelerate after 2016. 30 of the construction sector is the construction and construction machinery. The urban transformation is expected to cost between 300-400 billion dollars. When we evaluate 15 within the scope of the year, 70 will generate a billion-dollar business volume. X



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