IDO carried 47,5 million passengers last year

IDO carried 47,5 million passengers last year: Istanbul Sea Buses Inc. carried 9 million 972 thousand 317 vehicles and 47 million 501 thousand 612 passengers last year.

According to the information collected from the IDO data, the number of vehicles using the car ferry and high-speed ferries increased each year, while the number of passengers transported by sea bus, car ferry and fast ferries decreased as of 2012.

Opened in 2013, Marmaray, Bostancı-Kadıköy- With the alternative to Yenikapı-Bakırköy line and the opening of Marmaray Sirkeci Station, the number of passengers, which was 2012 million 50 thousand 909 in 780, decreased to 2013 million 50 thousand 527 in 752.

The Bosphorus Line flights realized by IDO, 1 January 2014 after the protocol made by City Lines Inc. With the start to be made, this number fell to 47 million 501 thousand 612 people last year.

The number of vehicles approaching 10 million increased from 2013 million 9 thousand 606 in 242 to 2014 million 9 thousand 972 in 317.

Most car ferry used in sea transportation

Last year, most of the passengers were moved by car ferry. Accordingly, while driving 34 million 406 thousand 37 people with the car ferry, this number was followed by the 7 million 46 bin 365 fast ferry with 6 people, 49 million 210 thousand XNUMX people with sea bus.

The car ferries ranked first in the number of vehicles it carried. Accordingly, 8 million 643 thousand 591 vehicles were transported on the Sirkeci - Harem and Eskihisar - Topçular lines.

The fast ferry, which operates on the Pendik - Yalova and Yenikapı - Yalova, Bursa, Bandırma line, ranked second with 1 million 328 thousand 724 vehicles.

The most preferred pier by passengers was Eskihisar-Topçular line pier with 27 million 136 thousand 787 people, followed by Sirkeci - Harem line pier, which is a key point in Istanbul city transportation with 7 million 269 thousand 250 people and created an alternative with the Marmaray project. Bostanci - Kadıköy - Yenikapı - Bakırköy sea bus piers took third place with 2 million 888 thousand 766 people.


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