HGS Response of Truck Drivers

HGS Response of Truck Drivers: TIR drivers in Trabzon react to fines from behind following the transition from the Fast Pass System (HGS) in some provinces.
Retired retired teacher Haci Mustafa Çolakoğlu, who has been driving TIR for 34 years in Trabzon, suggested that 8 TIR and 2 have a 14 thousand TL penalty because of the HGS system. Colakoglu, PTT each time before the trip to go to the PTT to get the money by depositing HGS card, HGS system through the transition to the 61 6284 plate TIR'e claimed that the 3 thousand TL penalty came from behind.
Noting that there are 10 vehicles in total and there is a fine of 14 thousand TL due to the HGS system, Çolakoğlu said, “They actually did something called the fast pass system, this fast robbery system. The plate behind 61 K 6283 61 K 6284 is sometimes written on this plate and sometimes on the back plate. They get the money, the penalty comes later. We are passing when this system is lit green where it is. You pass but the punishment continues to come. He received a penalty of one thousand 50 TL for his back trailer and one thousand 300 TL in front of him. These punishments were written in Gerede, Adana and the Bosphorus Bridge. I bought HGS from PTT for my private vehicle. I deposited his money, entered Gerede, left Çamlıca. I was punished, the money is still. He doesn't get the money. The vehicle is also a disabled car. My other vehicle has a fine of 3 thousand TL. When it comes to his job, he takes the money and sends the punishment. When it comes to his job, he does not take the money, he sends the punishment, ”he said.
Çolakoğlu claimed that the money they paid while buying HGS was taken, arac 11 thousand 9 TL in a vehicle, 400 a thousand TL in my car, my own private vehicle thousand 3 TL penalty. I'm afraid to get on the highway. They'il be punished even when they walk. There's a punishment in every garage. The old system was nice, I was extending my card. If there was money, I was passing, no money. We peel off fast in the current system do not go fast. In 300 came the penalty. Separate punishment comes to the TIR, the date comes a separate penalty. They're never separated. 2013 has a penalty of 10 thousand TL in my vehicle. We can't find an addressee. We get the money we pay while buying HGS 14 floor, "he said.

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