Hami-Yet mothers and children had fun in Erciyes

📩 24/11/2018 14:10

Hami-Yet mothers and their children had fun in Erciyes: He organized a Kayseri trip for the mothers and their children supported under the Preventive Orphan Support (Hami-Yet) Project conducted by the Yozgat Governorate.

Mehmet Dinç, the project coordinator who participated in the Kayseri tour together with the Hami-Yet families, stated that all the public about the needs of the children and their mothers who are dwelling in the center and districts of the project, whose father has died, said that it aims to provide psycho-social support by acting in cooperation with institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Stating that they experienced the happiness of skiing, which is one of the most colorful activities of the snow holiday, with the families of Hami-Yet, Dinç said, “We organized a one-day snow holiday in Erciyes Ski Center with about 90 Hami-Yet mothers and children. All of the children went to Kayseri and ski resort for the first time. Our mothers, along with the children, were at least as happy as them. We thank our governor Yozgat, Mr. Abdulkadir Yazıcı, for their support. ”

Kayseri tour of Hami-Yet is one of the activities within the scope of the project referred to the Dinç, previously organized trips to Istanbul, Konya, Mardin said.

Hami -Yet children and their families are quite satisfied with this trip, for the first time they have found the opportunity to make snow breaks and skiing, this trip is the most beautiful report card in their lives, he said.