Hakkari skiing interest

The skiing interest of Hakkarians: The renewed Merga Bütan Ski Center with the investments made under the leadership of Hakkari Governorship, especially in the half-term break and on the weekends.

Hakkari, which has not fallen from the agenda due to the terror events experienced in the region for many years, has made a name for itself with the positive developments experienced after the solution process.

In the city, where the winter season was challenging and the mountains of the year 6 bear covered with snow, the steps taken to revive the winter tourism began to yield.

Founded in 2010 and with a small runway, the Merga Butane Ski Center, which is the 12 kilometer away from the city center, has taken a different look to this year's renovation.

The facility, where the number of citizens who want to learn to ski with each passing day increases, especially in the mid-term holidays and on weekends, a large number of people flocked.

Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of Ski Basic Training Camp during the semester break students, especially students are trained to ski.

Reşit Güldal, Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports, AA correspondent, said in a few years ago in the interest of the ski center, a small number of people, the latest investments in the region and hosted a positive atmosphere with thousands of people said.

Guldal, indicating that the interest in skiing in the city increased by 10 times compared to the past years, said:

“When we opened this place in 2010, we were serving in tents. We added containers in 2012 as well. There was no place for people who came to ski with their families to stay and deliver their children. With the construction of the ski house, we created a warm environment where people can leave their families and children. This time, an area has been created where people who have nothing to do with skiing can use it in winter. They found a nice space to get out of the house and come and spend their weekends in a good way. ”

Referring to the fact that citizens come to the ski center to spend their days in the city where there is no social activity, Güldal said, “With the development of the ski center, the growth of the track and the construction of the ski house, thousands of people flock here on weekends. Along with this, the number of our athletes also increased ”.

Hakkari Ski Trainers Youth and Sports Club President Emin Yildirim told that the training was given for a certain fee, and that the interest in skiing is above the expectations.

Stating that Hakkari is extremely suitable for skiing in terms of climate, Yıldırım said:

"Turkey, with almost the longest climate. Here, at the ski center, we can easily ski for 5 months. There is no activity that people can do in Hakkari center both on weekdays and on weekends. It has become a very attractive center. While we limited the number of ski lovers here, now thousands of people come to the ski center and spend time here. "

📩 24/11/2018 14:10