They wanted a railway to Geredeye

Gerede wanted a railway: Gerede Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GTSO) demanded that the Karabük İsmet Paşa Railway line, which is 35 kilometers away from Gerede, be connected to the province of Sakarya through the district, to discuss the issue and ask for support, with Yüksel Coşkunyürek, the head of the Ak Parti Bolu Province. met.

Visits to the AK Party politician continue. Gerede Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GTSO) management visited Ak Party Bolu Provincial Chairman Yüksel Coşkunyürek. GTSO Chairman Ersin Kaşka and board members Hüseyin Yüksel, Eşref Zeftci, Ahmet Güzelce, Şerafettin Dağyıldız attended the visit on Wednesday at 14.00:XNUMX.

Gerede Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ersin Kaşka, who said that Gerede Chamber of Commerce and Industry has undertaken serious works for the development of industry and commerce, said that they wanted the Karabük İsmet Paşa Railway line, which is 35 kilometers away from Gerede, to be connected to Sakarya through the district. told.

Noting that the project will reduce the costs of delivering the products produced by OIZs and other investors to the world market, Ersin Kaşka said, “What will this investment bring with it? It will cause the OIZs in Gerede to gain more value in many ways and to increase the quality of the companies that will come to Gerede OIZ. It will also reduce the traffic load on the Ankara-Istanbul highway. It will lower accident rates and lower shipping costs. We hope that it will also contribute to the foreign current account deficit, as it will also reduce fuel consumption. We shared them on many platforms. Especially, we have it included in the 5-year Development Plan. We expect support in this regard. We know that the influence of politics is great especially on this issue. We get the support of politics in Gerede and Bolu on this issue, too, ”he said.


Stating that the trade volume in the district is increasing day by day, Ersin Kaşka said in the continuation of his speech: “The occupancy rate in the Organized Industrial Zone has started to increase recently. There are some demands from Antep and a few places, and the expansion area has been opened up. As of the 4th month, the relocation of Leather Industry and the allocation of lands are on the agenda. Again, as TSO, we built a conference hall with a capacity of 150 people and we hold meetings with many boards, especially the Development Bank, in this hall. We also provide information to our tradesmen about the laws and incentives issued by our state. There is a 50 percent incentive application. This application has been extended for the second time. This period ends at the end of the 4th month, I hope we expect support from you in this regard. "The incentive on this issue should continue."

Expressing his pleasure for the visit, Provincial President Yüksel Coşkunyürek said, “It is necessary to be in every field to serve this country. You, as people dealing with trade, have great contributions to the development of this country. I hope Allah does not waste your efforts. Because we all want the development and development of this country. For our country to grow and develop, not only the political will has a duty. Every individual that makes up the society has to do all kinds of duties that fall on him. We hope that our tradesmen and industrialists, who are engaged in trade, continue the great effort and devotion they have shown in this regard in 12 years. We see Turkey in the last 12 years we look at the growth of private sector growth and the considerable impact that the economy had improved. This gives us hope for the future. Knowing this in our government, it is constantly announcing long-term macro plans that will pave the way for the private sector ”.


Turkey is not only the Middle East, that all the world should become a country that exports expressing the AK Party politician, in his speech "We believe that serious steps taken in this regard. Of course, he needs to continue the stability in Turkey to go further. Especially our people dealing with trade should be able to see ahead. In Turkey there is a climate of trust and legal structure of foreign capital that needs to be properly provided you also come here to invest. If the political stability in a country does not give confidence, your work inside will not affect the outside much and the investment rates will decrease due to insecurity. Both foreign capital to come here as well as the stability of the interior, commerce, we hope to continue in Turkey for 12 years of continued stable environment for the development of production. This is really important. I hope this stability will continue in the election to be held on June 7. The AK Party will again be in power alone and will continue to serve the country. We will continue to cooperate with our Gerede, Bolu and our country tomorrow as we did yesterday ”.


Provincial President Yüksel Coşkunyürek, who said, "As the son of Gerede, it was our duty to be a member of parliament for 2 terms," ​​said in the continuation of his speech and said, I believe that we undertake many services in the field of education, health, transportation, public housing, natural gas and tourism. Are these enough? No it is not. We need to do more to serve our people. Especially moving the tannery, the locomotive sector of our Gerede, to the new Organized Industrial Zone is among our priorities. Both our MPs and we follow this issue closely. You are already in the business. We hope that this transportation will take place as soon as possible and our Gerede will become a more modern attraction. Because we are producing so deep 45'n it produced in Turkey. This is not a figure to be underestimated. Such a sector must be owned and supported. We will do our best in this regard.


From İsmet Pasha you mentioned, our government has a serious work on Gerede-Bolu-Düzce-Sakarya Rail System. Survey work has been done in the past. I agree with you, a rail system to be built will make a serious contribution to our region. It will have big advantages. I hope we will follow it. Because it's not a difficult event; a project that can be done. As you know, within the scope of the Filyos Project to be built in Zonguldak, there will also be an attraction center. Of course, the ratio needs a connection with Anatolia. I also believe that this link will be Gerede. I hope this will happen and it will come to the construction point in the coming years ”.

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