There are even hookahs in Kayseri

There are even hookahs among the items forgotten in Kayseri: While the residents of Kayseri mostly forgot glasses, wallets and bags on the tram in 2014, among the items forgotten were hookahs, work clothes and thermos.

In Kayseri, the most important public transportation vehicle in Kayseri, the items that citizens forgot in 2014 are remarkable. Duran Aslan, who is responsible for the Kayseray Lost Property Unit, stated that the items that were forgotten in the tram were recorded by the security personnel and said, “The lost items are taken to our warehouse after being registered. We have also set up a website so that passengers can find their lost belongings and personally come and receive them. Our citizens, whose belongings have been lost, can be found on the Kayseri Transportation website and find their lost or lost things in the tram. ”

Aslan, who used the tram but realized that he had forgotten or lost his belongings after a short time, stated that he could reach his belongings by calling 207 70 00. “Our citizens mostly forget glasses, carpets, thermos, water heaters and bags in the trams. As the last stop of the tram is located in the Organized Industrial Zone, our colleagues working in the industry forget their work clothes. The most interesting item forgotten in the tram is hookah and LCD television stand. ”

Aslan said that the forgotten food in trams is kept in the warehouse for a day, jewelery and money for a year, and other items are kept in the warehouse for a period of 6 months.

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