Cris Snowboard European Cup Competition

FIS Snowboard European Cup Competition: FIS Snowboard European Cup "Contest Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Turkey organized by the Ski Federation" Maximum peak Erciyes Festival "held" the FIS Snowboard European Cup "Competition, started in Erciyes Ski Center.

FIS Snowboard European Cup Competition The “FIS Snowboard European Cup” Competition, organized by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and the Turkish Ski Federation, started at the Erciyes Ski Center. 44 athletes from France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA and Turkey are participating in the Turkish leg of the "FIS Snowboard European Cup" Competition, which will be held for the first time in Turkey with the initiatives of the Turkish Ski Federation and will last for two days. The races will continue tomorrow at Erciyes Ski Center. In his statement to AA correspondent, Turkish Ski Federation President Erol Yarar stated that they have been working to bring world-class organizations to Turkey since they took over the management of the Turkish Ski Federation. It is extremely important that a stage of the Cup is held in Erciyes. With every international organization we organize, we are getting a little closer to our goal of realizing the 2026 Winter Olympics in Turkey, which we set as TKF.” kazanAt the moment, the athletes will be determined.

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