Erzurum Palandökende Mountaineers Training Camp

Erzurum Palandöken training camp of mountaineers: Turkey Mountaineering Federation (TDF) by Konaklı Ski Center, 'Winter Development and Advanced Training Camp' was held. Mountaineers spend the nights in the igloo and tents they made of snow, when the air temperature drops below 20 degrees below zero.

2 mountaineers, 35 of whom are women, from 14 provinces who camp in the snowy area in Konaklı, located on the Palandöken mountain range, where the snow thickness is 77 meters, start the day at 06.00. Climbing out of tents and igloos to melt the snow and have breakfast, the mountaineers receive practical lessons such as avalanche, using crampons, safety techniques in snow and ice, accompanied by 7 instructors. Mountaineers, who go to their tents at the end of the work and start preparing for lunch, obtain water by making snow again and cook the food with the care of a cook. After the afternoon training, the mountain climbers cook dinner this time, sohbetAfter that, he was taken to rest in tents and igloos in sleeping bags. The only complaint of mountaineers, who are satisfied with life in tents and igloos, is that they start the day too early.

Alaattin Karaca, the President of the Mountaineering Federation, noted that the mountaineers were taught to survive in the camp in the camp. Pointing out that the mountaineers are challenging against the character and all the negativities, Karaca said, “Mountaineers are taking the advanced training of winter mountaineering here. He learns techniques such as igloo making, overnight in igloo, sheltering and walking techniques in igloo, crampons, pickaxe use techniques, overnight and shelter in tents in winter conditions, finding direction in winter. Dağcılar will process a 70-hour curriculum in Konaklı. At the end of the one-week curriculum, athletes will take the exam. Successful athletes will gain the right to participate in the next advanced snow and ice training. ”

Burcu Parlak, who came to Muğla from Erzurum and joined the advanced winter development and training camp, said that his training activities were both challenging and enjoyable. Emphasizing that he spent the night in the igloo in 10 hours with a team of 3 people, Burcu Parlak said, “The inside of the igloo is very hot. Wind and soundproof. If apocalypse breaks outside, it is not felt inside. We wake up very early in the morning, classes begin at 08.00:19.00. We do theoretical until noon and practice in the afternoon. We have night classes that start at 21.00 and continue until XNUMX. We got very new information at the camp. We make food and tea with the water we obtain by melting the snow. We eat more pasta and soup. The most difficult thing in the camp is to wake up early in the morning. Getting out of those warm jumpsuits and getting into ice cold is bad at first. ”