Erciyes Ski Center Was the Most Comfortable Place in the World

Erciyes Ski Center Became the Most Comfortable Place in the World: BRN Beds, which exports its mattresses to more than 60 countries of the world, now ensure the safety of sledgers at Erciyes Ski Center.

The beds developed by BRN Beds with the slogan 'The Most Comfortable Place in the World' for every need and demand, became a firewall at Erciyes Ski Center, which is among the longest tracks in the world, which has been able to host 500 thousand people during the half-year holiday. The 100 BRN mattress placed in the 40-meter fin area on the slide track ensures that especially the small skaters can slide safely.

Reminding that they are a company that attaches importance to occupational safety and health during production, BRN Bearings General Manager Berna İlter emphasized that the works in Erciyes are designed in the best way for the purpose and need. Underlining that Erciyes is a ski center that prioritizes security, İlter said, “As BRN Mattress, we aimed to make it fun with colorful designs while ensuring the safety of holidaymakers from all over the world for skiing in Erciyes, one of the symbols of Kayseri.”

İlter stated that the soft walls they create distinguish between the ski areas and the pedestrians and said, terek The comfort and safety of the sledding sportsmen in Erciyes as the BRN Mattress is now entrusted to us. Safe landing and prevent the injuries caused by the impact of our beds were full of sledges. Thanks to BRN Bearings, Erciyes was the ”most comfortable place in the world” for sledges.


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