YHT passengers moved by buses when electricity was cut

When the electricity was cut, YHT passengers were transported by buses: Due to the power cut, Ankara-Istanbul mutual High Speed ​​Train services were disrupted. The trapped 300 passengers were brought to Istanbul by buses.

Bilecik, due to power outage, Ankara-Istanbul mutual High Speed ​​Train (YHT) has occurred in the interruption of flights. According to information received, in the morning 06.00 from Ankara to Istanbul YHT, Bilecik-Sakarya line due to a power outage in Bilecik construction work continued in YHT Station.

2 passengers waiting approximately 300 hours, could not be solved by the TCDD buses were taken to Pendik Train Station.

The YHT campaign, which made the Istanbul-Ankara flight, was also held near the Osmaneli district of Bilecik. After the malfunction in Ankara, the train moved to Ankara.



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