Elazığ Mayor spent the weekend skiing

📩 24/11/2018 14:10

Mayor of Elazığ spent the weekend skiing: Mayor of ELAZIĞO Mucahit Yanilmaz went to Hazarbaba Ski Center in Sivrice district which is one of the city's tourism centers.

Elazig Mayor Mücahit Yanılmaz visited the Hazarbaba Ski Center in Sivrice district. After examining the facilities for a while and getting information from the authorities, Yanılmaz then skied wearing ski clothes. Stating that they always stated that Elazığ is a tourism center, Mücahit Yanılmaz said, “Hazarbaba Ski Center, which is one of the places frequented by our fellow countrymen in winter, is almost dazzling with its natural scenery. . Skiing with the view of Lake Hazar is a different beauty. As we always say, there is no other ski center in the world with such natural beauty. We come to Hazarbaba Ski Center whenever we find the opportunity. I would like to state that we will do our best to make these places more attractive during the winter months ”.