Durmaz, Local wagon should be supported

Durmaz, should be supported domestic cars: grab at the forefront of the world economy in the league with income istiyor.mill Turkey, with exports, with employment figures among the top 10 economies ...

It is among the goals of the government and the opposition, and there is an effort to achieve this success in a date not too far like this 2023! However, current trends in the global economic slow effort approaching the goal of Turkey.

So what do our industrialists, exporters, who are struggling against difficult external conditions, think about the course? Durmazlar Machine Chairman Hüseyin Durmaz, made striking determinations.

Durmaz, Turkey and the world that we consider the future of the existing table in the machinery sector economy sohbette ...

He drew attention to the fact that the global economy has slowed down and world trade has been on the spot in recent years!

Saying that the geopolitical problems around us create an additional burden and force our exports, according to Hüseyin Durmaz, the 2014 percent export increase in 4 is a successful result under these conditions.

Durmaz, who is also the Chairman of Bursa OIZ and a Board Member of the Machinery Exporters Association.

For 2015; Despite the difficult conditions that the legacy of last year gave hopeful messages on behalf of Turkey.

Iz We must be cautious but morale!

And if we grow 3-3,5 percent in the first half… In the second 6 months, we reach a speed of 5-6 percent and complete the year with a growth of over 4 percent ”.

How can we improve our competitive power?

Şart It is essential to work hard and produce high value added products.

So we have to increase our export values ​​per kg.

For this reason, incentives for the R & D and innovation processes we need are very important Bu!

What kind of incentive system?

Alı Incentives should be on a sectoral and strategic basis rather than geographic.

If the industrialist is supported with a finer perspective that will enable him to run more comfortably, significant export increases can be achieved San.

According to Hüseyin Durmaz, who made this determination, it is time to consider state support on a much larger scale, that is, on a global scale!

Mak It is now necessary to start acquisitions to take over the age-old savings of the competitors.

The purchases of foreign companies that we see in the food sector and make us proud, should be spread to other sectors.

But for this, the state should come into play and support.

Thus, we can have both global brands and strategic production and R & D knowledge in many sectors at the same time Böylece.

"Bursa's potential is increasing"
So what kind of future does the machinery industry, one of the invisible heroes of Bursa, promise?

“The machinery sector in Bursa has made a great progress.

We have a serious infrastructure.

For example, in the field of machine tools produces products sought in the world.

According to Durmaz, the Bursa economy, which started to change its shell, will create a very large area for the machinery sector in the coming years.

Y From automotive to aerospace industry, our companies have a very high potential.

Even for nuclear power plants, officials of the Ministry of Energy come to Bursa and hold talks with machine manufacturers now ”!

Durmaz: Local wagon should be supported
Durmaz, a first in domestic rail systems with silkworm, strives to increase its contribution to the country's economy.

"The importance of rail for Turkey too much.

We've lost billions of dollars abroad for years.

But now domestic production has begun to prevent this currency loss.

And if internal production is supported in a healthy manner, it is possible to become a world brand in rail systems Ve!

Emphasizing the importance of the state's support for domestic production, Hüseyin Durmaz ...

If it is the most effective way for us to have a say in rail system exports, which contain a great potential ...

He says that domestic wagons are starting to serve in different cities of the country!

Source: Feridun Eyüpoğlu - http://www.olay.com.tr



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