Double-decker trains ready for service

Double-decker trains are ready for service: Moscow and St. New model double-decker trains between St. Petersburg are put into service from today. The double-decker trains that will serve between St. Petersburg are making their first flight today. The first time was on February 1, in St. Petersburg to Moscow, and on February 2, double-decker train from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

The double-decker train has 50 percent more passenger capacity and can speed up to 160 km per hour. The minimum cost of traveling by double-decker train was determined as 299 rubles.

Russian Federal Passenger Company (RFPK)Kazan It also plans to launch double-decker train services on the Moscow-Voronezh routes. Russia's first double-decker train entered service between Moscow and Adler in November 2013. The passengers of the first expedition were Olympic volunteers who took part in Sochi, where the 2014 Winter Olympics were held.

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