Bolu Hotels with Pools

📩 24/11/2018 14:10

Bolu Hotels in the Beauties of Nature: Bolu is one of the most beautiful and convenient places for thermal holidays and is of great value in terms of tourism. Despite the few inhabitants of the settled population, it has become the center of attraction in recent years, with the domestic foreign tourists arriving from summer to winter.

There are 8 districts including Dörtdivan, Gerede, Göynük, Kıbrıscık, Mengen, Mudurnu, Seben and Yeniçağa. Of these districts, Gölcük and Kartalkaya attract more tourists than others.

Natural beauties

The city of Bolu attracts attention especially with its lakes. Yedigöller National Park, Aladğ Pond, Sülüklü Lake, Karagöl, Şirinyazı Pond, Gölköy Dam Lake, Yeniçağa Lake, Kara Murat Lake, Çubuk Lake, Çayköy Pond, Sünnet Lake are among the lakes Bolu has. In addition, Abant Nature Park, Beşpınarlar, Akkaya Travertines, Çakmaklar Çamlık, Gölcük, Yaylalar, Nature Conservation Areas are also among the natural beauties in Bolu.

Tourism in Bolu

Hunting, Youth, Sports, Congress and Meeting, Camping and Winter Tourism are frequently held in Bolu every year.

Thermal tourism: It has natural hot springs and hot springs as it is located on the North Anatolian fault layer. Karacasu hot spring, Babas hot spring, Sarot hot spring, Pavlu hot spring and Çatak hot spring are the most visited thermal springs. Thermal springs in these hot springs are flooded by visitors.

Winter tourism: Bolu, Kartalkaya even the main places come to mind first when called winter tourism in Turkey. There are a total of 4 hotels, including a hotel under construction. These 1500-bed hotels include restaurants, swimming pools, resort spa, discos and bars.

Bolu Accommodation: Hotels

Hotels in Bolu, which is a wonderful tourism city that you can go on either travel tours or individually, are in a fierce competition. Hotels in Bolu, which is a rich historical, cultural and natural settlement, delight their customers with various campaigns.

Early booking is very important in the types of accommodation you can choose from as full board or half board. Majority of hotels offer great discounts on early booking options.

Gazelle Resort Spa, Dorukkaya Hotel Ski Mountain Resort, Grand Kartal Hotel, Koru Hotel, Kaya Palazzo, Abant Palace, Buyuk Abant Hotel.

The most striking feature in hotels located in the center of Bolu is to offer all inclusive accommodation with reasonable price advantages. Bed and breakfast, wireless, telephone, shower, TV, dryer, such as the use of free activities, the activities attract visitors.

Travel agencies frequently organize tours from Istanbul to Bolu. The most advantageous part of these tours is that they arrange everything from the plane ticket to the hotel to stay.

It is possible to see how much Bolu is preferred in Google searches. According to Google trend data, among the most searched words especially for semester or honeymoon vacation, "Bolu kartalkaya", "bolu hotels", "bolu thermal", "bolu thermal hotel", "bolu abant", "hotel bolu", "bolu thermal hotel ”,“ abant hotels ”and bolu hotel. Even this shows people's interest in Bolu, especially those who want to have a domestic holiday.

People who want to spend a holiday in touch with nature can reach the natural beauties of Bolu by doing various researches on the internet. However, it is very important to research the hotel you will stay in for your holiday to go as you wish. The best method for this is to read the comments about the hotel you will book, on applications such as Facebook, Foursquare, Swarm.

Cheap Hotels in Bolu

Hotels, whose prices vary according to the number of stars and the service they offer, try to increase their customer base by carrying out various campaigns. Half board one night accommodation fee starts from 110 TL. In addition to large hotels, there are also boutique hotels. These smaller hotels are especially ideal for newly married couples looking for honeymoon hotels. You can make online reservations from almost all hotels websites.
Most hotels do not charge for children under the age of 6. For this reason, you can reach the hotel by e-mail or phone.