Densities in the ski resorts

Density at ski resorts in Bitlis: In Bitlis, where the snowfall, which is effective throughout the week, is replaced by sunny weather, citizens spent the weekend in ski centers.

Taking advantage of the sunny weather in Bitlis, citizens flocked to the ski resorts in the city.

There was a lot of skiing in the city due to the fact that the snowfall which was effective throughout the week was replaced by sunny weather. Ski lovers who prefer to spend their weekend holidays at the ski resorts of Nemrut, El-Aman and Erhan Onur Güler in the city enjoyed their skiing with their families.

Colorful images occurred in the facilities where the children slid and the adults skied.

Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of Camp Education Center Director Refik Avsar, AA correspondent, said during the week after heavy snowfall in the snow level of the ski resorts reached the desired level, he said.

After the heavy snowfall of the citizens who know the opportunity to sunny weather flock to the ski resorts Avsar, if the rain continues in this way, the ski season, will continue until the end of April, he said.


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