Young Girl Falling Heavy From Railroad Bridge

Young Girl Falling from the Railway Bridge Seriously Injured: 4,5-year-old Derya Dağdaş, who fell from the 17-meter-high railway bridge in AYDIN's Nazilli district, was seriously injured.

Derya Dağdaş, who learned that she had family problems and stayed at the 80th Year Kindergarten and Girls' Orphanage until a while ago, came to the railway bridge on Hürriyet Street at around 14.00:4,5 today. Dropping from the bridge to look down, Derya Dağdaş suddenly lost her balance and fell on the road from a height of about XNUMX meters amid the astonished glances of the people around. The young girl who hit her head on the asphalt was seriously injured.

The police and the 112 Emergency Service team, who came after the neighbors informed, made the first intervention at the scene of the young girl, who had blood in her left ear and was suspected of having a brain hemorrhage. Derya Dağdaş was later taken to Nazilli State Hospital and treated. The absence of a passing vehicle when the young girl fell was considered a possible chance. Dağdaş told the hospital police that she lost her balance and fell while looking down. Police reported that the investigation into the incident is continuing.




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