Davutoğlundan 3rd Airport Explained

Privileged Service for Passengers Over 65 Years of Age from Istanbul Airport
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3rd airport statement from Davutoğl: Prime Minister Davutoğlu made a statement after examining the 3rd airport. Emphasizing that it will be the largest airport in the world, Davutoğlu said, “We hope to open on October 29, 2017 and when the project is completed, 120 thousand people will be employed. "There is no clear decision about its name yet."

Highlights from Davutoğlu's speech: It is a huge project in terms of cost. We can talk about an investment of 10 billion Euros during the construction phase of the facility. More than 150 airlines will use this airport. As of summer 2018, it will be ready on the 3rd track. We know that when the 4th phase is completed, it will be the largest airport in the world.


All these phases need to be well planned from the beginning. We can say that the right area has been chosen for Istanbul. What we specifically request from companies is the correction of the degraded ground. There will also be environmental awareness here. When this project is finished, 60-70 will be corrected for years of deterioration and will have a solid foundation. 3 thousand business vehicles will operate here. 120 will consist of a thousand jobs. Looking at the populations of some of our Anatolian cities, employment as much as a city will work here. 600 may require about one thousand trees, but instead 5 million trees will be planted.


In all respects, it will not only be passenger capacity, but the world's largest terminal area. The highest technological know-how will be used. It will take its deserved place as an exemplary project in this world. Preliminary work was completed with our President's close follow-up during his prime ministry term. We will follow this place closely together with the 3rd Bridge and other mega projects of Istanbul. The first phase will be completed on 29 October 2017 by accelerating in the coming days. We will open it to service with a festive atmosphere. It will also be compatible with THY's capacity, then it is expected to reach a capacity of 70 million.

I thank all our friends who contributed.


No names have been announced so far. The important thing is that our baby is born first. First of its emergence, naming is done later.


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