Davraza international ski resort destination


Davraz international ski destination: President Erol Benefits Turkey Ski Federation Davraz to Isparta and country, "a gold mine," he said, "This is not only in Turkey, may become one of the world's major ski centers," he said.

Benefit visited Davraz Ski Center and received information about the facilities from the authorities. Benefits that skiing in hotels, AA correspondent, said that Turkey's Davraz of the eminent ski resorts.

Explaining that the shape of the mountain and the facilities show that the center has great potential, Yarar said, “Of course, there is a lot of work to be done here. As a federation, our goal is to raise the standards of our mountains and bring them to world standards. When viewed from this perspective there are deficiencies in all of Turkey's mountains. We travel all our mountains without paying attention to the shortcomings. We are determining what needs to be done ”.

Stating that Davraz is a “gold mine” for Isparta and the country, Yarar continued his words as follows:

“Everyone searches for the gold mine under the mountains. Snow is white gold. Countries that did this well have benefited from the profit in their country's development. They have benefited from skiing sport. I was very pleased with the view I saw. The technical knowledge of our staff here, the structure of the mountain is promising for this place. In a short time, we need to meet with our governor, mayor, regional authorities, hotel owners and make a master plan here. A road map should be drawn for him. If we do, I hope that this is not only Turkey may become one of the world's major ski resorts. We have to work hard and run for this goal day and night. "

- "Kilometers of track can be built"

Stating that not every mountain structure is suitable for skiing, but Davraz is ideal for skiing, Yarar mentioned that kilometers of tracks can be built on the mountain.

Stating that hotel and artificial snowing systems can be established in the region, Yarar continued his words:

“All of these together do not usually happen on a mountain. a mountain in Turkey is really important. 12 million tourists come to Antalya. There is a mountain under the nose of 12 million tourists. This mountain rendering of Turkey has a special importance in terms of tourism. There are many big cities in the region. People from Izmir and Konya can easily come here with their cars. Here, it seems possible to create 10-70 kilometers of track opportunities where 80 thousands of people can ski at the same time. But if we say we have nothing missing, that would be wrong too. Our potential is very good, our staff is very good, we have very excited people, but we have deficiencies in international standards. The infrastructure that will please an athlete who will come here should be on this mountain. "

Benefit noted that they do not see any harm in Davraz's national race, and that they can take Davraz into next year's race calendar.

Isparta Tourism Association President Fevzi Özdemir said that the president of a ski federation has come to Davraz Ski Center for the first time since the formation of the ski resort.

Expressing that this visit made them very happy, Özdemir said, “This visit shows that Davraz will reach very good points in the future. This visit made us hopeful. The time has come when everyone in Isparta should protect Davraz. Works related to the center will become more professional and more qualified ”.