Van Bahçesaray Highway 4 Closed After Avalanche Fall

Van Bahçesaray highway closed due to avalanche 4 Opened for days later: Snowfall in the last week paralyzed transportation, especially in eastern Anatolia. After the day of bondage 4 in Van bahçesaray highway is over. The avalanche fell.
Van-Bahçesaray highway due to avalanche road 4 day before the road closed due to intense work was opened to access.In the winter months, the roads are often closed in the snow, Bahçesaray district after snowfall, this time avalanche roads closed. 4 90 2 days before the 985 XNUMX XNUMX altitude XVII Pass at the location of an avalanche fell to the location.
500 of tons of highways, which close a section of the road about 11 meters. Regional Directorate began to be cleaned by teams. The teams, while cleaning the snow covering the road on the one hand, also tried to save the remaining vehicles on the road. Highways teams, the last Friday and the 3 machine machinery and snow clearing work completed by completing the road today. On the other hand, the authorities warned that there is a danger of avalanches in some areas due to the warming of the weather after snowfall and that the citizens should be careful about it.



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