📩 24/11/2018 14:10

Skiing for every pocket: Latif Şahin, the technical manager of Saklıkent Ski Center, which offers the opportunity to ski for 47 months of the year at a height of 1850 meters, 5 kilometers from Antalya city center, said that they opened the season with a price policy suitable for each pocket.

Stating that it is very crowded especially on weekends, Şahin said, “As management, we try to keep our price policy in the best way. People from all walks should come here and enjoy the snow and ski. For this reason, we pay attention to these when determining the price. ”

Daily unlimited 'skipass' fee in Saklıkent was determined as 60 TL. For ski enthusiasts, it is possible to ski all day long with the unlimited 'skipass' card available from the chairlift. From the location of the center to the beginning of the ski slopes, the price of 10 exits by ski lift is 60 TL. 5 exit fee is 30 TL, single exit is 10 TL.

Şahin said, “The athlete who receives unlimited skipass can benefit during the day. It can output 5 or 50 if desired. Skipass with 10 exits is valid during the season. Paying 60 TL, you can use 10 exits in one season or the next season. There is no requirement to complete 10 exits the same day. ”

Saklıkent operators have not forgotten about amateur skiers. For those who do not have ski equipment, the ski and snowboard rental office at the summit rents snowboards and shoes for 75 TL per day and ski kits for 60 TL. The rent of ski clothes, including pants and coats, varies from 15 to 25 TL. Sled rent for children and amateurs is 10 TL per hour.

Those who want to learn how to ski can take ski training under the supervision of professional teachers. 1 for skiing and snowboarding lessons per person 150 TL.

Group students who want to go up to the summit also have to pay 6 TL. One student can enjoy the view by paying 8 TL and the adults are paying 10 TL.