Students of Canik Success 3. bridge construction

Canik Success students visited the 3rd bridge construction: Canik Success University students made a technical trip to the construction of the 3rd bridge and the Beşiktaş Vodafone Arena, which will be built on the Bosphorus, which is part of the Northern Marmara Highway Project.
In the technical trip with Vahdettin Demir, who is the manager of the Building and Construction Club, and nearly 20 students, civil engineering second year students had the opportunity to examine the adventure of putting their theoretical knowledge into practice.
Vahdettin Demir, the club manager who said that the trip was very beneficial for them, said, “I think the third Bosphorus Bridge, which provides the connection between the city and Asia, is very important for Istanbul in terms of relieving the congestion in bridges and strait traffic. In an interactive interview with our students, the designs of the major bridges in the world were discussed in detail in the cause and effect relationship, and the design of the third strait bridge and Beşiktaş Vodofone Arena were learned in detail. In this respect, besides the technical tour, it was a good lesson. Our university aims to develop each student as much as possible, while offering very good opportunities to our students with such trips. ” said.



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