Due to heavy snowfall, Uludag cable car cancellation

Uludag Ski Lift Expeditions Due to Heavy Snowfall Cancellation: Snow thickness at the major centers of winter tourism has reached 3 meters 30 centimeters. Due to the dense type and snow, ski slopes were closed and the cable cars running up to the Hotel Zone were canceled. Uludag snow depth reached the most important ski centers in Turkey 3 30 meters centimeters. At the summit under the influence of heavy snowfall and type, holidaymakers have had a hard time from time to time. Due to the type of the ski slopes could not be made, holidaymakers could not go out of hotels. In Uludağ, the air temperature dropped to minus 6 creek. Gendarmerie traffic teams did not allow unscheduled vehicles to exit Uludag.

On the other hand, snow and type also affected the ropeway. Due to the snow and the type of cable car services to Uludag could not be made. Climbers climbing to the top of the storm took shelter in a snow-covered shed.