Bursan's tram will be produced in Bursa

Bursa's tram will be produced in Bursa: Bursa's light rail transport system will now serve trams and wagons produced in Bursa. Durmazlar 12 tram will be produced by 14. The 60 wagon that the company will produce for Bursaray will also be ready to serve in 30 month.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality transport company Bursaray organized 60 wagon and 12 tram tender Bursa company Durmazlar won. producing Turkey's first indigenous tram company will start delivering vehicles in the first 6 months after signing the contract, if approved the tender. The company will deliver Bursaray wagons in 30 month and all trams in 14 month. Following the conclusion of the tender, Siemens and Bombardier then Durmazlarproduced domestic wagons will carry passengers.

In the tender for the purchase of 60 trams to be used in 12 wagons and city tram lines to be used in the light rail network, 4 company received a file, and 2 company file was submitted. Companies that submit their files Durmazlar, 117 million 873 thousand 600 Euro bid, Bozankaya Automotive Machinery Manufacturing Import and Export Inc. did not give the price, presented a letter of thanks.


This tender, which was opened by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has also been the biggest tender for the purchase of vehicles since 2002, when Bursa was introduced to the rail system. In 2002, when Bursaray started flights, it started to carry passengers with Siemens brand 48 vehicles. Afterwards, a contract was signed for the purchase of 2008 vehicles from Bombardier in 30 with the tender of Bursaray Görükle line. Tender for the purchase of 60 light rail vehicles and 12 trams in one item Durmazlar company has announced that the most appropriate offer.

In a statement made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Durmazlar 50 percent of the company's resources were saved when the tender. Durmazlar1 million 1 thousand euros bid for 634 wagon in the statement stated that the following information:Durmazlar for trams also gave the price of 1 million 649 thousand 800 euros. The Metropolitan Municipality tender commission continues to work on the proposals submitted, after the conclusion of the tender Durmazlar In the first 6 month following the signing date of the contract, 2 wagon will deliver 2 trams, and 30 will deliver light rail vehicles during the month and 14 will deliver the entire trams during the month. ”

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