As a result of the tender for the purchase of metro and tram vehicles in Bursa (Special News)

As a result of the tender for the purchase of the subway and tram vehicles in Bursa: The proposals for the tender for the procurement and commissioning of the 60 Light Rail System and 12 tramway vehicles of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality were opened.

The proposals of the tender for the purchase of Light Rail and Tram Vehicles for the Metropolitan Municipality Metro and Tram Line were opened on 23 February 2015.

RayHaberAccording to information received by; The approximate cost 170.000.000 Euro is determined as follows:

  1. Durmazlar 117.840.000 Euros
  2. Bozankaya thank

50 savings per vehicle
Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey managed to produce the first project in consultation with the local coaches Durmazlar company's bid in the tender, the city's resources at the same time saved 50 rate. 3 million 121 thousand euros were paid to one of the wagons purchased from Bombardier company, Durmazlar1 million 634 thousand euros bid for a wagon will allow savings close to 50 per vehicle. Durmazlar for trams also gave the price of 1 million 649 thousand 800 euros.

6 will be delivered first within the month
While the tender commission of the Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its studies on the tenders, Durmazlar 6 will deliver the 2 wagon and 2 trams in the first 30 month following the signature date of the contract, and 14 will deliver the light rail vehicles in the month and the entire trams in the XNUMX month.

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