Bursa has become a model, tourism is coming to the cities cable car

Bursa has become a model, the cable car comes to tourism cities: Teleferik AŞ, which is a model for other cities with its 9 km line established in Bursa, is starting a new ropeway project in Alanya. The firm also demanded cable car projects at Uzungöl, Efes-Meryemana, Sürmene and Istanbul Pierre Loti.

Teleferik AŞ, which makes transportation to Uludağ comfortable from the symbols of Bursa, has been an example for other cities with the cable car project completed by 25 million euro investment. This year's project of the company will be equipped with modern and comfortable ropeways with touristic areas that have a significant share of the tourism cake throughout the country, the Alanya Teleferik. In addition, the company's plans to reach the Eastern Black Sea and the Aegean are the focus of interest for the Istanbul Pierre Loti and Mecidiyekoy- Zorlu Center- Altunizade, Uzungol, Ephesus-Meryemana and Surmene cable car projects. 32 has invested a million euros so far, and 3 is planning 300 million euros for the year. Teleferik AŞ also, Uludağ 2. With the Station Plant project to be built in the Hotels Region, the congress center, shopping center, sports grounds, cafe-restaurant, outdoor car park, WC and SPA are prepared to meet their needs.

Bursa Teleferik Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors İlker Cumbul, the longing of the cable cars, 1,5 year after the end of 2014 said they had ended. Completed in the 2 stage of the Teferrüç-Kadıyayla-Sarıalan-Hotels Region ropeway project is shaped at a cost of 25 million euros transfer, said they were exemplary with new cab designs. Modern and more comfortable, 2 and 4 people, including mini screens in the VIP cabins in Bursa, producing in other provinces will use the projects indicating that Cumbul, X We do not produce them for now. According to the demand in our investments in other provinces can be such an application, "he said. Realizing that they planned to complete the project in Alanya in the first half of the year, Cumbul said that they would start the project in East Black Sea and Aegean Region and then they started the projects in 2016. Cumbul, i Istanbul Pierre Loti project in the first quarter of the year will be renewed. The Mecidiyeköy- Zorlu Center- Altunizade project can also be awarded in the last quarter. We will be present in the tenders of these projects, we are assertive. We aim to build a cable car to Uzungöl, Efes-Meryemana and Sürmene. We're continuing our negotiations. With the build-operate-transfer model, we have a few projects in Istanbul and our negotiations for projects in Mersin, İskenderun and Adana un. Bursa ropeway with the length of the 9 X longest ropeway in the world an reminiscent of the reminiscent of the cabin, 140 180 3 to invest in the number of cars announced this year. Noting that the capacity of carrying 2014 thousand people per hour, Cumbul, 600 2 thousand passengers carried, this year, the XNUMX million people emphasized their goal to reach. Cumbul, Sarıalan station transfer and transport was provided by the cable car line, in April, going to merge, one-time access to the Hotel Zone gave information. Cumbul, passengers to the hotel to bring their belongings and BUDO customers from the cable car to the hotels said they had been providing services to the region.

The giant plant in Uludag is at 2016

With the hotels station project, which has been carried out in Uludağ and the project is being watched with the station, they will meet the needs of the region such as congress center, shopping center, sports fields, auditorium, SPA, cafe-restaurant, open car park. told. Cumbul, the facility will sound worldwide, arguing that one of the country's most spectacular tourism areas will be stressed.

”We built ski slopes in Sivas, Ordu, Denizli, Bursa and Ankara“

Ilker Cumbul, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bursa Teleferik AŞ, who explained that they work in the Leitner Group, said, taşıma In addition to the rope transportation, we are building artificial snow machines, runway cleaning devices, construction machinery and turnkey ski centers. Until now, Sivas, Turkey, Ordu, Denizli, Ankara-Sinpas, have made the ski slopes in Dorukkaya and Uludag. We're setting up wind turbines. We are planning to establish a wind turbine in Bursa Tarlayayla. We have implemented a project in northern Iraq. We are working on new projects in Northern Iraq and Azerbaijan Kuzey.

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