Meribel for skiing on clouds

Meribel for skiing on the clouds: Winter is expected every year for skiers and snowboarders. Because slider is more of a passion than sports. Skiing is one of the most beautiful sports that you can get rid of in the arms of nature, the stress of the city and all the other negative effects it creates.

When you are out of bounds, as today the average is close to 20 ski resort in Turkey also it has a very qualified ski centers for winter sports. Among them is the "Meribel" located in Les Trois Valées (three valleys) in the French Alps, which has the world's longest ski slope of 600 km. The first time you enter the valley, wooden houses that have not been outside the traditional building, which seems to be hidden among the snow, attract attention. The region was discovered as a result of Scottish Colonel Peter Lindsay's escape from the Nazis in Austria and Germany and looking for a new habitat, and has become one of the most popular ski resorts today.


When you go to the summit of the mountain with a pleasant ski lift, you get an idea of ​​what paradise is like. You are greeted by huge ice sculptures on the hill. The only thing you need to do is to float down the hill of Saulire at a height of 2738 m; to follow the plates in the appropriate color as you are in a computer game. Because the runways are divided into different colors with signs according to the degree of difficulty. Green signage pointing at the easiest runway. Blue, red and black signs also tell you about the difficulty of the ski slope that you will be heading to.


It is possible to take any kind of ski training at any level with 460 trainers for winter sports enthusiasts. Another feature of Meribel that differentiates the ski slopes is the opportunity to ski very easily in the disabled and to rent suitable ski suits. At the same time, the tracks are made fun for not only adults but children. From the age of 3-4, little skiers are given ski training in open-air kindergartens, called piou piou (chick). Another of the various sports that can be done on the snow is Cross-country on the 130-kilometer road and you can experiment with Biathlon fires accompanied by professional instructors. For those who want to have fun on the snow as well as skiing, you can attend outdoor daytime parties at venues such as Round Point and La Folie Douce. Moreover, there are free ring buses to every point you want to reach in the valley. Hotel reservations and exciting activities have already started in Meribel, which will host the "World Ski Championship 2015" which will start in March. It is very comfortable with its hotels with wooden chalet architecture, warm atmosphere, spas and delicious food as well as rooms with a wonderful view of the mountain.
Meribel is just like the proof that the French are really friendly and helpful except for the arrogant ones of the Parisians Meri


Hotel Adrey Telebar: The popular restaurant and the famous espresso creme in creamy mushroom sauce, as well as the friendly hotel staff and the proximity to the ski slopes. Large rooms with large families or groups of friends.
Hotel Yeti: The hotel is preferred by families, especially near the ski slopes; Don't return without tasting the French dessert Creme Brulee!
Hotel Alpen Ruitor: Traditional hotel rooms with traditional alpine clothing, as well as the comfort of the guests in the lobby with a fireplace designed for the comfort of guests with the beautiful cushions of the seats is remarkable. The restaurant and the great spa are quite successful.
Hotel Helios: A hotel with 18 suite rooms with a terrace overlooking the hillside. Great indoor pool and close proximity to the ski slope.
Hotel Savoy: Modern architecture and Meribel are close to the center. You can have easy access to many places in terms of nightlife. Delicious cuisine, as well as grilled meat, is served at Potage St. Germain pea soup is quite successful.


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