There are special metro and stopovers in this country

there are private metro stations and stops in this country
there are private metro stations and stops in this country

There are women's subways and stops in this country: Taiwan, the second safest country in the world, has women's subway and bus waiting areas to prevent harassment and violence against women. Especially after 22:00, men are not allowed to enter the waiting areas reserved for women.

Cag University Department of Psychology Faculty of Arts in Mersin in Turkey 1st Grade Students Özgecan after painful events that happened to Leo needs to be done to prevent harassment and violence against women came to the fore again. In Taiwan, one of the safest countries in the world, many measures have been implemented for years to prevent such harassment incidents in public transport.

In Taipei, the capital of the island country, city buses are equipped with whistles and buttons used during the harassment. Buttons directly linked to police stations play a serious role in reducing harassment. Apart from buses aimed at preventing harassment incidents in the country, the measures taken in the subway draw attention. Due to the higher number of night harassment incidents, special waiting areas have been created for women at the metro stops. After 22:00, it is forbidden for men to enter the area designated by the blue line.


Apart from public transport, some measures have been taken in the taxis on the island. Especially female customers can request the driver to be a woman when calling a taxi.

On the other hand, almost every street of the island has security cameras and hidden cameras.

Authorities, the measures taken against women, said serious reductions in cases of harassment reported.

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