Bozok University students 3. Bridge and highway project examined on site

Bozok University students 3. Bridge and motorway project on site: Bozok University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department of Construction and Yozgat Vocational School Department of Construction Technology students 3. He visited the bridge and North Marmara Highway Project.
The 8 lane road and the 2 lane will cross the 59 lane and the 3 is the largest suspension bridge in the world with a width of XNUMX meters. Our students who had information about the Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project saw the progress of the project with the presentation prepared by the Project Management Office Director. Our students who visited the bridge towers and the construction site; asked the project staff questions about the bridge and the highway.
Bozok University Yozgat Vocational School Department of Construction Technology instructor Fuat Köker Civil Engineer, İnşaat The project is simply great. We organized a technical trip here with our students. We wanted to see the world-class architectural structure in place, share it with our students and prioritize our national feelings. It is a source of pride that the bridge project, which is unique in the world, is built by Turkish engineers. As a business conception and principle, it is seen that it processes a process. The construction sector is one of Turkey's locomotive, 3. Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway project for the pride we can say on behalf of Turkey. "He said.
University Yozgat Vocational School Department of Construction Technology 1. ız Our aim is 3. The Bosphorus Bridge, how to do it, what techniques are used in the construction phase, what benefits would be to Istanbul, such as seeing our questions on the spot was to learn. In this sense, I believe that the technical trip has reached its goal. Bu
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Civil Engineering, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Yuşa Şahin stated that the visit was important in terms of expanding the horizons of the students and said, "The bridge has the title of being the "best" in many subjects, in terms of its general characteristics and the techniques applied during the construction phase. has done. We are here for our students to visit the 3rd bridge project, which is a big organization, and gain experience in terms of operation, planning, organization and engineering in order to increase their knowledge and experience. While such a big project is being done in our country, kazanWe made this visit to get positive results”.
Civil Engineering 4. Mahmut Apaydın, a student at the university, said: dü When we think about engineering at school, the first thing that comes to mind is the building. But engineering has different branches. One of the most important bridges in the world is being made. Considering the static-dynamic calculations, there are factors for bridge towers. When we look at this, we see what Turkish engineers can do. That gives us morale. When we look at the world professionally, we can say that Turkish engineers are successful. They are involved in many international projects. Turkish engineers who realized this project can make all kinds of structures, we think, her he said.

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