Bitlis in Winter Tourism Ambitious

Skiing running races on lice are over
Skiing running races on lice are over

Bitlis Winter Tourism Ambitious: One of the ideal cities of winter tourism with its snow potential, Bitlis is home to many licensed athletes with the 3 ski resort, which has been in service recently.

Turkey's most profitable areas of the provinces of Bitlis, Al-Amana, Erhan Onur Güler and has significant potential in terms of the number of ski resort with ski Nimrod.

The facilities, where many licensed athletes are trained every year by the Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate, are flooded by athletes, citizens living in the region and ski lovers in the surrounding provinces.

Some skiers enjoy skiing in the historical El-Aman Han location, others in Nemrut Ski Center, accompanied by the unique view of Lake Van.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of Camp Training Center Director Refik Avşar stated that skiing is an ancestral sport in Bitlis, and that 5 athletes have been raised in the city in the last 500 years, and currently there are 420 licensed active athletes in the city.

Avsar, skiing in the city expressing the high potential, said:
“There are 3 ski resorts in our province, namely Erhan Onur Güler, El-Aman and Nemrut. Athletes and ski lovers benefit from these facilities. Ski potential is very high in our city. There are also people who come to our city from Siirt, Van, Hakkari and Diyarbakır to ski. We provide the best service in these facilities, but due to global warming, there is not enough snow in our facilities. If we can have artificial snow system installed in these facilities in the future, the ski season will start in our province as of November and this will continue until the beginning of May. Since there is no artificial snow system, the ski season is short in our province. For this, we took the word from the Turkish Ski Federation. It is likely that an artificial snow system will be built at the Erhan Onur Güler Ski Center in the city center this year.”

Yelda Kaplan, who came to Bitlis from Siirt with her family and skied at the El-Aman Hanı Ski Facility, stated that they lived in Siirt and they could not ski there due to the hot weather. “We do not have the opportunity to ski in Siirt. We came to Bitlis because it is close. "There are very good facilities in Bitlis," he said.

Gürkan Olcay, who skis in El-Aman Ski Center, also stated that the facility is a great blessing for Bitlis and said, “We have brought this facility to our city. kazanThank you to the authorities. Bitlis is one of the most profitable provinces in Turkey. We are enjoying the gliding here," he said.

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