Wheat Covered Batman-Siirt Ring Road

Wheat covered the Batman-Siirt ring road: Batman-Siirt Ring road wheat loaded truck was opened half way through the wheat, the road was scattered. The workers had difficulty collecting wheat under rainfall.
When the 21 EB 785 plate truck was opened in Batman to take wheat to a flour factory, Batman-Siirt Freeway was covered with wheat. At the beginning of the afternoon, a wheat store on the ring road of Besiri road on the way to the flour mill wanted to take the wheat and the driver could not be detected 21 EB 785 plate was opened half way through the rear cover of the truck was spread to the road. Workers who had difficulty collecting wheat in the rain: ra We had a hard time collecting the wheat that was scattered both in the rain and in the traffic. A portion of the wheat was dragged along with the rain. Bu



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