Asphalt works in Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality asphalt works: Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality city center, 17 district, 2 bin 20 village and hamlet problems by taking the work program was announced to produce solutions.
Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality in the written statement, in line with the objectives, Bismil 2014 in the year of Bakacak, Colak, Isiklar road asphalt 20 kilometer, Ambar Mahal road 11 km of the finish of the floor was recorded.
The statement, the district 12 mile border painting and 30 closed stalls were made.
In the explanation, he said:
“Bismil was provided to serve between Diyarbakır and the city by public transport. Our municipality, which performed 3 thousand 194 seasonal flower planting and 150 trees in the district, carried out disinfection work throughout the district. He performed sterilization and treatment services within the scope of fighting street animals. Our DİSKİ General Directorate, while making 300 meters of sewage and 300 meters of rainwater network in the district center, renewed 450 meters of the sewage system by working with the citizens in Tepe and Ambar Neighborhood.



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