Durankaya Town Buildings and Asphalt Gospel

📩 24/11/2018 16:52

Good News of Art Structures and Asphalt to Durankaya Town: It was stated that new art structures and asphalt work will be done on the highway of Durankaya Town of Hakkari.
It is stated that the road of 6 thousand people will be asphalted soon. Durankaya Independent Mayor Fatih Keskin gave the good news that the town roads will be paved by the 11th Regional Directorate of Highways last year. Keskin said, “Last year, construction of art structures and asphalt was programmed by the 11th Regional Directorate of Highways. However, due to the current conditions, asphalt works were carried out near Üzümcü village and Durankaya Pınarbaşı municipality guest house. The continuation of the tender will be paved with Durankaya Geçitli village line in 2015. Highways 11th Regional Manager Ahmet Turan Gülhaş gave good news at the provincial coordination board meeting and said that the work will continue. In addition, he said that the 2-kilometer section between the entrance of Pınarbaşı and the exit of the municipality guest house will work on the pavement stones and the middle median to give these services to the people of the town. As the residents of the town, we would like to thank our regional manager ”.

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