New attraction center in Antalya

Antalya's new attraction center: ANET Board Chairman Gökalp Dinçmen, who said that the cable car that is under construction between Sarısu and Tünektepe in Antalya will be created, said, “We will invest $ 3.5 million in the region. There will be huge changes in the region until May 19 to make Sarısu a center of attraction. ”

The Tünektepe cable car, the construction of which has been completed in Antalya, will depart from Sarısu on May 15 and make its first summit journey. ANET Board Chairman Gökalp Dinçmen stated that 250 people per hour will move from Sarısu to Tünektepe with the cable car. The tea gardens that we will open here will meet all the needs of our guests. But Tünektepe will start to provide full capacity service in 2017. We will implement a project that will be the symbol of Antalya by working with world-renowned architects in the region. ”

Drawing attention to the fact that Sarısu Recreation Area and Tünektepe will become a whole thanks to the cable car, Dinçmen said that with the launch of Tünektepe, there will be a significant tourist potential in the region. Stating that they attach great importance to Sarısu, the reason for this is to contribute to tourism, Dinçmen said, “We are trying to create a Sarısu where the tourist will have a nice day”.


Stating that they will invest $ 3.5 million in the region as ANET so that Sarısu can serve both Antalya and tourists coming to the city in the best way, Dinçmen said, “There will be huge changes in the region until May 19 to make Sarısu a center of attraction. First of all, we will build the second biggest trampoline park in the world and the third biggest inflatable toy park in the world. These inflatable toys are often used in shopping malls. These toys made of plastic are not always manufactured using health-sensitive materials. We will prepare an amusement park that will use materials that do not contain carcinogenic substances, which are completely suitable for health ”.

Dinçmen stated that Sarısu and Tünektepe will be an indispensable whole after a short time and said, “We want to attract tourists there. Agents are looking for places where tourists can spend 5-6 hours while selling tours. We are preparing such a place. Let the tourists come to the sea, have a meal, take the cable car and look at the beauty of Antalya from above, spend time there and complete the day very well and return to the hotel. All these projects will be ready until the summer season. ”

Here are the things to do to increase the attraction of Sarısu:

7 bin 500 square meters, 12 will stay open for months will be closed using special materials in the amusement park.

A 36 thousand square meter walkway will be built on the Sarısu Promenade with key stones. These roads will be manufactured in a way that disabled citizens can use.

A private beach arrangement for disabled citizens will be done with a sandbox.

All picnic tables and barbecues will be fixed and fixed to the floor. Also 450 new table and barbecue to be added to the number of tables with 200.

3 pier will be made to the beach and the citizens will be more comfortable to swim in the sea.

2 thousand sunbeds will be put to the beach. There will be no umbrellas, special shades fixed on the ground will provide a comfortable service to the citizen.

A meat restaurant called Sarısu Mangal will open.

Sarısu Bridge which was built years ago will be demolished and replaced with a new one.

The intersection that will return to Sarısu will be taken underground in June. Transitions will be provided underground.

The flow of the tea will be strengthened by making a breakwater at the point where Sarısu Stream connects to the sea. Breakwater will be completed until EXPO 2016.