Allah tests the island with metro

Allah tests the island with a metro: 1990 has not dropped from the agenda of the city since Adana. Before the itinerary discussions began. If I do not remember correctly at the end of the 90, the project will be put into service at 2001.

The year was 2004, the 340 taken from outside with the Treasury guarantee was over a million dollar money but the metro was not finished. For many years before the metro wagons in Mersin, then the elephant cemetery in Adana, waiting for the day they will go to the rail.

Full Aziz Nesin story…

Instead of the completed money came 200 million dollars more the metro is not over yet. President of the period Aytac Durak, "I finished the metro, but TEDAS does not give electricity," he said.

Are you laughing, crying?

Then the subway is over. Or we thought so. It was an electric, executive ec that we didn't know whether it was a subway train, a tram, a light rail system or a train that went from pointless to nonsense, that went from pointless to pointless, and left it meaningless.

I call the meaningless itinerary because all of the route along the subway is still waiting at the stops for buses and buses. This is how it's planned.

Metro does not go to hospitals, bus station, airport, university in Adana. Where is it going? He's leaving.

Now there's a university where the subway doesn't go. There is also a stadium and a university. The second stage of the route is pointing there. However, the words Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave at Uğur Mumcu Square at 4 June 2011 and 5 October 2013 (in his words the good news) remained in the air.

The Ministry of Transport connected the new metro and tram lines in Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya and saved the 3 AK Party municipalities from this burden. The Minister made the statement. Despite Erdogan's words, Adana is still not on the agenda. 40% of Adana Metropolitan Municipality's revenues go to subway debt. Adana is miserable…

20 has been busy with the Adana metro for more than a year but still could not solve the problem. Metro Adana's blood marrow exploited. The subway that we didn't take brought us to.

If the 600 carries a thousand passengers a day, the subway will not be able to carry its 20 at 1. Because you don't have a ride.

But half of Adana's money goes to it.

I say I wonder; Is my Almighty Lord testing Adana by metro?

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