Again Izmir is a first

Again, Izmir, another first: Turkey's first Innovation Directorate was set up by local governments in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The Directorate created within the Department of Science Affairs will be open to projects coming from İzmir residents while developing innovative projects that will touch the city dwellers and provide sustainable productivity growth.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, adding a new one to its innovative works that keep pace with the era, has introduced the concept of Büyük innovation al that we are used to hearing in the private sector. The R & D Innovation Directorate established within the Department of Science Affairs has started to work to produce innovative project ideas that closely follow developments in the world and touch the people of İzmir. The new unit, which sets out to develop changes that will create added value in services by discovering new technologies, will focus on projects that will provide high and sustainable productivity growth with R & D and innovation. The directorate of acak Çiçeği Cape “will be open to projects coming from İzmir as well as the projects developed by him. Projects sent by volunteer innovators, meticulously evaluated within the directorate.

First in local governments
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Deputy Secretary General, indicating that they set out to bring innovative approaches to municipal services. Buğra Gökçe, uy Municipalities have to keep up with developments in the world. Every day there is a new application in the world. Our Directorate will follow these applications closely and follow the elements we need to implement in our lives and adapt them to our city. The center, which will bring innovative approaches, will also renew itself continuously. The directorate, which we established to serve the people of İzmir better, will be the first 'innovation' directorate established within the local administrations. In our research we did not find any other similar Yap.

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