Star Mountain Seven Days of the Week Enjoys Skiing

Star Mountain Seven Days of the Week Enjoys Skiing: With the participation of the Minister of National Defense Ismet Yilmaz, the season of Star Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center offers skiing pleasure to the citizens on 7 day of the week.

In the last one week at Yildiz Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center, intense snowfall continues. While the snow thickness on the runways crossed the 1 meter, the snow thickness reached to the 2 meter near the peak. 1 pieces on the ski slope, 1 pieces beginner rink for new learners, 893 and 883 meter 2 pieces of semi-professional runway with 2 pieces, 360 bin 2, 345 bin 699, one thousand 726 and one thousand 4 meter long professional track.

Star Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center 4 mechanical facilities found, while the 2 thousand 226 meter long chairlift began to serve this season. The other chairlift, which is a thousand meters long, will serve ski lovers from next season. In addition, 551 1 meters long walking band and 200 pieces 1 meter long T-Bar will also be active this season. This season, the National Medical Rescue Teams (UMKE), the police station and a one-day facility in the ski resort where citizens from the ski slopes and ski teams to enjoy the ski live. There is also a food, drink and relaxation area. Next year, with the completion of all facilities, 850 is a one-day facility, accommodation areas, public institution buildings, park and sports areas, health facility, commercial area, administrative center, religious facility, technical infrastructure area, helicopter. landing area and large parking areas will also begin to serve.

61 kilometers away from Sivas to the ski resort 7 on the day of the city square, bus, ski lovers are provided free access to the ski resort. Vehicles move to 09.00 on weekdays and to 08.30 at the weekend.

The Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Salih Ayhan, who expressed his satisfaction for the intense interest of the citizens coming from Sivas and the neighboring provinces, said duy Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center, which has been the dream of Sivas for many years, is in return with the intense interest of our citizens. I believe that the center, which responds to the social needs of our citizens, will both increase the tourism potential of our province and contribute to its employment. Vat