Why does the license renewal fee 15 TL?

Why will we give 15 TL to renew the license: CHP Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrıkulu, Minister of Internal Affairs Efkan Ala said, "How much does one license cost to be renewed? What is the reason for the price of renewing the license is 1 TL? " she asked.
The parliamentary question submitted by Tanrıkulu to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly for a written reply from the Minister of Interior Efkan Ala is as follows;
Murat Tekin, President of the Istanbul Driving Courses and Educators Federation (ISKEF), stated that in accordance with the Highway Traffic Regulation, approximately 24 million driving licenses will be replaced with new ones for 15 lira. It was stated that the driving licenses for vehicles such as buses and trucks will also be changed every 9 years, and the driver candidates have to convert it into a driver's license within 17 years as of the date written on them after receiving their certificates. How much will it cost for one of the licenses to be renewed? What is the reason for the price of renewing the driving license is 10 TL? What is the purpose of increasing the license classes from 5 to 2? Why are the licenses used for small vehicles such as cars and minibuses changed every 1 years, and the licenses for vehicles such as buses and trucks are changed every 15 years? The rate of failure of the health conditions of drivers in traffic accidents in Turkey so what is the Highways 9-What is the purpose of the amendment to the Road Traffic Regulations? Is there a purpose to provide resources to the state? Will the candidates who have to convert their certificates to their driving licenses within 17 years will be informed? What are the effects of the changes made in the Highway Traffic Regulation to prevent traffic accidents? "



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