First Tram Passing Galata Bridge

First Crossing the Galata Bridge: The indispensable Istiklal Avenue, the gift of IETT to the people of Istanbul, Nostalgic Tram celebrated its 101st birthday. Nostalgic trams were decorated in the celebration, which started in front of the IETT General Directorate of Tunnel Square and under snowfall, and the passengers were served salep. Nostalgic Tram-like bookmarks and souvenir pillows were presented to the passengers who were greeted with surprise gifts.

Speaking at the celebration, IETT General Manager Mümin Kahveci stated that besides being today's birthday, a separate meaning of tram number 115 was put into service. Indicating that tram 115, which is one of the first trams of Istanbul, is also the first tram to cross the bridge, Kahveci said, "We renewed the tram 115, which is the first tram passing Galata Bridge, and we present it to Istiklal Avenue passengers."

A concert featuring nostalgic songs was also given in one of the tram wagons during the journey. In the celebration that snowfall was effective, passengers and citizens on Istiklal Street raced to take pictures.

History of Tram Number 115, Put into Service on Birthday

The tram number 115 was one of the first electric trams belonging to IETT, manufactured in 1914. It is red. The first location is a motris (attractive) and mostly served in the lines of Maçka, Kurtuluş (Tatavla) and Şişli departing from Tunnel, and sometimes worked in Fatih, Edirnekapı and Yedikule districts.

It was the first tram to cross the Galata Bridge connecting Eminönü and Galata since it was opened in 1914. It is the same model with the nostalgic tram running on the Taksim-Tunnel line.

The tram number 115 was transported to the Anatolian Side in 1961 after serving for many years on the European Side. He worked on the lines in this region until 1966. Upon the removal of the trams on the Anatolian Side, he was taken to the IETT İkitelli Garage.

With the start of nostalgic tram works on the Taksim-Tunnel line in 1989, the vehicles were re-maintained and renovated. The tram no. 115, which was taken to the tram workshop in Taksim, was restored last year with the support of IETT retirees, by the masters of IETT (the team of 8 people), with the consultancy of former department heads (Supreme Electrical Engineer Nusret Alperöz, Oğuz Tangür and Güven Otman). The works were completed in a year. All the mechanical parts of the tram, which is completely scrap, the wooden part, the motors, the roof, the back sets (by looking at the previous samples) have been completed and the original number (115) has been preserved exactly.

The tram no. 115 was restored in memory of the 100th anniversary of the electric trams and began to carry passengers.

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