First snow sled Championship Held in Palandöken in Turkey

First Card Sled Championship in Turkey Palandöken Edited: Turkey Federation held the first sled by sled Palandöken Ski Championships for the first time in the championship two days of the 5 athletes participated in 53 provinces.

Turkey for the first time by the Federation of Sled sled first championship was held Palandöken Ski Center in the championship two days of the 5 athletes participated in 53 provinces. Palandöken competed with the championship on the sled track of Xanadu Snow White Hotel. Federation President Serkan Yaşar said that they aim to crown this with the world championship next year.

The athletes went to the starting point of the 900-meter course with their special-made skids and tried to reach the arrival line through the pine trees and under the bridges. Under the heavy snowfall, the speed of the athletes in the championship reached the 40 kilometers per hour. Stressing that Turkey ups Sled Championships begin with the training Federation and Vice President of Technical Affairs Board Member Levent Çakmur, he said:

"Turkey in the summer of 2013. We held the championship on the tarmac with wheeled sled. However, in our country, we are holding a championship in the snow for the first time in winter. Our athletes who ranked in the championship will form the spindle team and will be able to represent our country abroad. The sleds that the athletes will slide today have the feature of a sled. The 900 meter long track determined by the Technical Board is at world standards. ”

Turkey's first winter toboggan championships emphasized that the embodiment of joy Rack Federation President Serkan Yaşar, said they are aiming to crown it by organizing the world championships next year. This year, one in Turkey Yashar emphasized that they gained two toboggan run, including Sarıkamış'ta other in Palandöken, he said:

“Our two tracks are amazing. Since the season has passed this year, I can give the good news that we will organize the world championship in Palandöken next year. We got the natural sled track. Work is underway to build the Olympic runway. The great interest of our youth in sledding makes us happy. A total of 7 athletes, 53 girls and XNUMX girls from Trabzon, Muş, Kastamonu and Çankırı, attended the championship with the host Erzurum. ”

Of Sinem Ayşdınl National Team athletes, said so far always abroad in Turkey that henceforth they were very happy because they can compete in the race.