Izmir Metropolitan does not allow us to examine the subway

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not allow us to examine the metro: TMMOB Izmir Branch Chairman Güniz Gacaner Ermin, we applied to Metropolitan for the examination of the subway but was not allowed. We couldn't see the drawbacks that occurred during the construction. ”

Another scandal arose in the Izmir Metro, which is the subject of controversy whether it is safe or not. Güniz Gacaner Ermin, Chairman of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO), said that the Metropolitan Municipality did not allow the examination they wanted to make regarding the discussed security of the metro. After the statements of the former Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Burhan Özfatura, “I do not put my children on the Üçyol-Üçkuyular line of the subway”, an answer to the subway debate again came from the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO). Saying that the Metro will not be able to answer whether the Üçyol-Üçkuyular line is safe or not, TMMOB İzmir Branch Chairman Güniz Gacaner Ermin said, “We made an application to the Metropolitan to examine the metro. However, our engineers could not watch the metro works for a long time. Because Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not allow it. We could not see the drawbacks that occurred during the construction, ”he said.

Gacaner Ermin, who said that when the first rumors appeared on the Metro's Üçyol Üçkuyular line, as a professional chamber, a request was made to the Metropolitan for investigations on the metro. However, our engineers did not receive approval for a long time. We could not examine the disruptions that may occur during the construction of the subway. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gave us approval for review after the work was completed. I know that our friends are not able to conduct a healthy examination. ”

“The report should go behind”
Stating that he cannot comment on whether the subway is safe or unsafe, Güniz Gacaner Ermin said, “During the construction, the chambers of the professions had to be examined. "We couldn't get too involved." Ermin stated that METU should go behind the report after METU's report that the subway is unsafe, “Metropolitan Municipality should have asked us to review after the METU report published in the press on 10 July 2014. We do not demand money for our work. If there was nothing to hide, engineers were not allowed to investigate. Thus, claims about whether there is a problem in the subway would be prevented. ”

Ermin, who stated that in an emergency, people should be directed by announcements or security officers, said that he does not know if there is an emergency exit outside the stations in the subway. Ermin said, “There must be emergency lighting and announcement systems inside the tunnel. This should happen not only at the stations, but along the tunnel line where the subway runs. If there is no emergency exit in Izmir Metro, it should be done immediately. Emergency exits are not only at the station. For example, when a fire breaks out in the tunnel, people should have exit doors to evacuate quickly. Because tunnels are not places that the fire brigade can reach quickly. ”

“Ventilation is not good”
Saying that he did not see a big system regarding smoke evacuation ventilation in any fire in the subway, Güniz Gacaner Ermin said, “In case of fire, smoke needs to be evacuated quickly. Otherwise, a tragedy may arise. In addition, the lighting system should be located between the stations. "Precautions should be taken before disaster occurs," he said.

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