3. scandal request in airport case

  1. scandal request in the airport case: In order to conduct the expert examination in time, the professional chambers should deposit 20 thousand pounds in a month.
    Professional rooms 3. The EIA positive report issued for the airport filed a lawsuit in 2014. Istanbul 4 who want to examine experts. The Administrative Court requested 20 thousand pounds for the discovery and expert fee from the plaintiff's chambers. Facing a similar situation before, the people of Sarıgöl could collect the expert fee through donations.
    Chamber of Architects Istanbul Branch, Chamber of Geological Engineers, Chamber of Forest Engineers, Chamber of Environmental Engineers and Environmental Engineers 2014 in 3. He filed a case against the EIA positive report for the airport. Istanbul 4 where the case is seen. The Administrative Court requested the expert discovery and expert review of the EIA positive report. However, the court asked the court to investigate the cost of the examination and the expert 20 thousand pounds asked. In order for the expert examination to be carried out in a timely manner, the chambers should invest 20 thousand pounds in a month.
    Ankara Chamber of Geological Engineers Lawyer Mehmet Horuş said that the 20 thousand lira expert fee requested by the court is the highest amount requested in environmental cases and continued as follows: “This money must be deposited within a month. We are thinking about how to get the required fee. This case is filed within the scope of the duty of "protecting the environment" in Article 56 of the Constitution. Therefore, both professional organizations that are public institutions and citizens have filed this lawsuit in order to protect environmental rights as a requirement of a constitutional duty. The demand for such a high cost of discovery and expert is also restricting the freedom to seek justice and the right to access justice. "
    When the 14th Department of the Council of State decided to suspend the execution by requesting an expert review for the neighborhoods of Yenidogan and Sarigol in Gaziosmanpaşa, which were declared 'risky areas' in 2013, the residents of the neighborhood went door to door to collect money to collect the expert's fee of 5 thousand 200 lira. However, when the money could not be collected, the expert fee requested for Sarıgöl was collected through donation.

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