Alanya-Antalya road how to shorten the half-hour

How to shorten the Alanya-Antalya road for half an hour: Dean Güngör, the guest of AGC, said that with the implementation of the 'Green Wave' system between Alanya and Antalya with a total cost of 50 thousand TL, 150 thousand TL will be saved daily and the distance will be shortened by half an hour.
Dean of AKDENİZ University (AU) Alanya Faculty of Business Administration Dr. İbrahim Güngör was the guest of the Board of Directors of Alanya Journalists Association (AGC). Dean Güngör, Director of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO) Vocational School Assoc. Dr. Süleyman Uyar accompanied him. AGC Turkey Federation of Journalists Center (TGF) Chairman and Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Dim AGC and AGC Dean who is eating with Board members Güngör, 'Green Wave' descriptions found on the system. Dean Güngör said, “Green wave planning was made in Alanya Ring Road. We have seen a great benefit of this. All the people of Alanya loved it. As people's level of awareness increased, the system started to work better every day. As a continuation of this, the heart desires that a green wave is made for all traffic lights from Alanya to Antalya. I made a preliminary study on this. There are about 50 traffic lights between Alanya and Antalya. It is possible to apply green waves in all 50 lights. If all green waves are made, at least 150 thousand TL will be saved every day in terms of fuel savings. The country's economy will also get its share. Perhaps more importantly, Alanya-Antalya will definitely be shortened for at least half an hour. This is extremely important. A real ring road will be created at almost a very small cost. It has not ceased to be a ring road between Alanya and Antalya and has become an inner city. Because there are traffic lights per step. I know that this problem of lights will be solved by making the green wave system and I recommend it. Antalya Highways Regional Directorate is responsible for the light, signalization and other systems of this road. Upon the request of the regional directorate, the team we set up in Alanya will be able to plan green waves all along this road. We enjoy doing such a thing. We also want to do it. To say the benefits of the whole green wave does not end with counting. I have seen that the greatest benefit of the feedbacks I have received so far is that people increase their happiness. If you get green when you come to a traffic light, your face is not hung. It makes that day a more pleasant day. This is a very important thing. We think that the green wave system will be very good for Alanya-Antalya. There is no burden on cost. This cost does not count for highways. We do not charge a fee as a business. We want to be given a fee. Where there is a saving of 150 thousand TL in a day, the total cost of this work does not reach 50 thousand TL. ”
AGC Center later hosted Alanya City Council President Nurhan Özcan and Secretary General Mehmet Erken. Ozcan said Turkey Alanya City Council City Council entered into platform management. Ozcan, "Platform of Turkey City Council's 15th congress was held in Bandirma. We attended the meeting in Bandırma and entered management from 6 places. 6 people represent 6 places. One of these representatives was Alanya City Council. May 9 to 10 in Turkey Platform of the City Council meeting to be held. Meeting in Turkey will be about 170 representatives from the public. It is very important that the Alanya City Council is successful in this regard. In this regard, I would like to thank the board of directors, especially AGC, which is within the management. ”
AGC President Dim said, “Alanya is a city that has broken its county crust, the district dress is narrow, and it is among the top 40 with its economy, which is bigger than 50 provinces. We always say 'Alanya should be a province'. Here is an example of this again. Alanya has undertaken significant activity and throw in the City Council President Özcan Turkey Urban Councils biggest province by them to be represented in the Platform, counties and other active city councils in the front expresses the size of Alanya has gone. I congratulate him in this regard. We are honored that our Alanya is represented not only in terms of media but also in other non-governmental organizations. I hope these successes will continue in the next period. ”

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