Hizan-Tatvan Highway Returned to Mole

Hizan-Tatvan Highway Returned to the Mole Nest: Pits formed on the highway after the rains in Hizan cause difficulties for the drivers.
Pits and deteriorating parts of the Hizan-Tatvan highway on the 45 kilometer give the drivers a hard time. The pits on the new Hizan-Tatvan highway with 20-25 centimeters and the widths of 40-45 centimeters invite accidents. It becomes a pond with a light rain.
After the snow falling in the district periodically Hizan-Tatvan road pits occurred.
Sabri drinker, a large part of the highway is damaged after the rain, pits occurred, he said.
Stating that they expect to be working on the road, İçen said, “We are servicing our vehicles every two months. We have been experiencing difficult times due to collapses and pits on the Hizan-Tatvan highway for 5 years. We can go the 45-kilometer road in an hour and a half. The pre-order of our vehicles is deteriorating. We want the authorities to find a solution to this path as soon as possible. ”

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