Heavy snowfall on Bolu Mountain affects transportation

Heavy snowfall on the Bolu Mountain affects the transportation: The snowfall that is effective from the morning hours on the Bolu Mountain negatively affects the transportation. In order to keep the highways open to access, the snow plowing and salting work continues uninterrupted.
The intermittent snowfall on the D-100 Highway and TEM Highway crossings of Bolu Mountain increased its effect in the morning hours. Flaky snow affected transportation. As the visibility decreased due to snowfall and the ground was covered with snow, the vehicles had to move slowly. Highways teams carried out snow plowing and salting work due to the snowfall effective in the Darkdere and Seymenler location of the D-100 Highway and the Bolu Mountain Tunnel of the TEM Highway. Traffic teams increased their control on the roads and directed the Highways teams to the regions where snowfall was effective.
Bolu Police Department Regional Traffic Branch officials warned drivers to set off with their vehicles in accordance with winter conditions, avoid excessive speed and close follow-up.



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