Asphalt Works of Varsak Industry Completed

Asphalt Works of the Varsak Industry Completed: The asphalting works of the Varsak Industrial Site roads were completed by the Municipality of Kepez.
It was stated that the site, which was built on 93 decares allocated from the Treasury, was made especially thick considering that the roads would also use heavy tonnage vehicles, while it was stated that the asphalt thickness reached 10 centimeters for the longevity of the road. It was noted that the cost of opening and paving industrial roads with a length of 1500 meters and a total width of 16 thousand square meters was 400 thousand TL.
Reminding that the industry, where a total of 206 shops will be located, has started to serve 40 tradesmen in the first phase of completion, Kepez Municipality Mayor Hakan Tütüncü said, “We expanded the roads in the first part of the service and made rainwater drainage and paving. Asphalting operations are also completed. We will continue to beautify the industry and meet the demands of the shopkeepers by working together with the cooperative management. ”




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