Workers' Service Collided with Tram in Eskisehir 6 Injured (Video)

In Eskişehir, tram and shuttle van collided: In Eskişehir, tram and shuttle van collided: 6 injured In Eskişehir, 6 people were injured as a result of collision of the shuttle van carrying workers.

According to information obtained, the Batıkent-Çamlıca expedition led by Zeliha Akkurt led to the factory by a worker led by Kadir Çakı (57) led by 26 S 1102 platter service midibus, Çamlıca Quarter Dilruba Street collided. 6 people were injured in the service bus in the accident that the tram was derailed.

The wounded, 112 Emergency Service ambulances from the city to be taken to various hospitals in the city were treated. After the accident, the vehicle was removed from the scene by another vehicle, while the tram that was derailed was reintroduced as a result of the 2 hour of Estram teams. Accident related to the accident started an investigation, due to the accident Batıkent-Çamlıca expeditions occurred.




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