2019da 430 km rail system

2019 km rail system in 430: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş was at the United Nations, where he was both the Mayor of Istanbul and the President of the World United Cities and Local Authorities (UCLG) for meetings on the post-2015 development agenda and the strengthening of local governments. He made evaluations to AA.

"2019 km rail system in 430"

Recalling that they said that the length of the rail system will reach 2019 km by 400, Topbaş said, “We see that we will reach 430 km”, on the question of transportation investments and metro length targets in Istanbul.

Istanbul is not only Turkey but the world against a responsible city stated that Topbas, "we hope to be the financial center of Istanbul, we to have a convention in the city where decisions are made and hope to be a tourist town, we have to make this infrastructure," he said.

Stating that their purpose is not to compete with New York or another city on the rail system, Topbas said that because of the fact that the New York subways were made very old, their technologies were old and they used the latest technology systems.

Fighting in adverse weather conditions

Kadir Topbaş also made statements about combating adverse weather conditions in Istanbul and said that they made very important investments and provided equipment in this regard.

Asking the people to contribute to this struggle, Topbaş said, "We know the times when Istanbul was locked up for days in the past, but thank God these are not happening now."

Emphasizing that they have established smart systems to prevent interruptions in transportation, Topbaş said, “Maybe Istanbulites don't know this. I want to talk about works that have no examples in the world. We had previously installed sensors on freezing and icy roads. We are aware of it three hours ago. We were getting a signal from the center and we were going to the fight. Now we've gone beyond that. The systems we place there automatically deliver the liquid we call a solution to those roads when it senses it sensitively, ”he said.

Stating that the system prevents the use of excessive material and eliminates the need to send a team to the region, Topbaş said that the system was established and expanded from the places that are most likely to affect traffic in Istanbul.

Noting that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is one of the municipalities that use technology best, Topbaş stated that their innovations are an example for other municipalities.


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