Trends in Logistics Sector Research

Trends in Logistics Sector Research: According to the research conducted with the manager of 400 transportation company, the growth expectation in the sector is disappearing. The trust is even less. Foreign capital will not come. The biggest problem is price competition.
Tensions in Iraq, Syria and Russia have brought the Turkish logistics sector to an end. 2014 year of the Eğ Trends in Logistics Sector Research'n organized jointly by Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, Logistics Applications and Research Center (BLUARM) and International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association. Quarter results announced.
According to the results of the research conducted with the manager of the 400 logistics company, the expectation that the sector will grow will be slightly lower each quarter. In the last quarter of the 2013, the ratio of those who say the sector will grow is 57.5, while in the last quarter of 2014 it has fallen to 28.
Another striking part of the report is the rapid disappearance of foreign capital expectation. 2013 87.5 27 expectation in the last quarter while the current situation has fallen to 54.1'ye percent. XNUMX percent of respondents said that foreign capital will remain at the same level.
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The biggest problem of the logistics sector was the price-oriented competition with 85 participation rate. This is followed by infrastructure problems with 44.6, qualified human resources with 39.2 and legislation shortages with 39.2. 55.4'ın percent of the managers of enterprises in the sector of trust in the sector is said to be 'medium' level.
21.6 percent of managers have very low confidence in the sector. 37.8 percent of the executives participating in the survey said that the number of blue-collar employees remained the same in the past 3 monthly period compared to the same period of the previous year.
Turgut Erkeskin, President of UTİKAD, stated that the price competition put the sector in great trouble. “Especially small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling. The activities of these companies are ending. Tensions in Iraq, Syria and Russia have had a major impact on the sector. ”
Erkeskin pointed out that there are serious pessimism about the investment in logistics. X 55.4 was the percentage of those who said no to the investment plan in the first three months. The percentage of people who do not think about employment decreased to 36. ”



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