YHT is also the right of Samsun

YHT is also entitled to Samsun: Tülay Taşkın, Representative of Dünya Newspaper Eskişehir, announced in the previous day that the National Rail Systems Research Center, which is called URAYSİM, will be established in Alpu district of Eskişehir.
Floods in Turkey Tulay they wrote a gospel fact.
Such a system was not in our country. Tülay Taşkın writes that this system, which is not present in the countries around us, exists only in a few developed countries.
When I read this article in the world, I came to mind the struggle of Samsun for High Speed ​​Train.
When I was browsing the internet to check this out, I also read the account of Burhan Taneri, one of the founders of SAMSUN's PLATFORMU, on 13 June 2013 referring to a section in the article titled ma Yap Is İşi ​​Samsun i. .
Burhan Taneri also wrote a note on the topic of sharing, about 1,5 years ago, he asked me to send the article published again.
In one episode, “Train is an excuse, unity is great! The train project will be a phenomenon that will regain the identity of the city. That is why we should succeed in this work ”.
I really care about the combination of High Speed ​​Train in those days.
Consciousness of Samsunlik is the biggest deficiency of this city.
We could not create that consciousness unfortunately.
Nowadays, Muammer Güler, who was in trouble with the 17 December operation, introduced a definition when he was the Governor of Samsun.
Bey To be Samsunlu is not enough, you need to be Samsuncu, yet said Muammer Bey.
I gave importance to this definition and I wrote this in my column in the DÜNYA newspaper that I served in those days.
Because the inhabitants of this city come from one of the other cities, such as or settled here.
You know how to say:
This city has a cosmopolitan population.
"I'm Samsunl," he says, but many people in the heart of another city lies.
This city's sports club, including the manager of many people, instead of Samsunspor 'Four Seniors' known as Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Trabzonspor teams to keep the link I connect.
Muammer Güler's emphasis on 'Samsuncu' is very important in this regard.
If we can be Samsuncu, Samsunspor'dan other than the success of a football team actually do not care.
High Speed ​​Train is one of the most important technological developments of our age.
Safe and comfortable travel, as fast as it is, is becoming more and more important as time is very valuable.
The people of Samsun also have the right to benefit from the blessings of technology.
I know this technology is expensive. For this reason, the URAYSİM project, which was hinted at by Tülay Taşkın in his article, 80 will transform the safe travel opportunity that we boasted by the ağ iron nets with iron nets diy years ago, making it faster and more comfortable for the Turkish people.
I think that the URAYSİM project is a step that will enable us to produce this technology by us and thus cheaper.
The Samsun High Speed ​​Train should now be voicing its demanding voice.

Make it Samsun işi.

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